Scrunchie Fundraiser

I feel I need to do something. Anything. Even if it only makes a tiny bit of

difference in this worrying world.

It is my aim to fundraise for the Ukrainian Refugees.

I want to make care packages to send over for the innocent children that are

embroiled in this horrendous war. I want to do this via my business.

I am launching a Scrunchie Fundraiser!!

I will be making Scrunchies... They’ll be two-tone in the colours of the

Ukrainian Flag. They can be worn with pride and as a symbol of solidarity to

he Ukrainian people. Moreover, you will be donating to the fundraiser.

The Scrunchies will be £3 each. They are 50p higher than usual to account

for website admin costs and packaging but 100% of the money from the

price of the Scrunchie will go towards making the care packages. I want to

use the money raised to buy essentials, which I will put together with some personal touches. These will be things like handmade hair goodies, non-perishable or long life treats like boiled sweets, printouts of uplifting colouring sheets, things to occupy them and hopefully spread a smile. You will be helping towards each box by your donation to the Scrunchie Fundraiser!

You can also add a Scrunchie Fundraiser to the cart and pop a note to not send the product. This is if you wish to donate to the cause, but do not want the Scrunchie.

I will be sending updates on the progress of the appeal on my website and social media platforms

Thank you so much for your support!

Rachel x