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To celebrate the Kings Coronation, we have all of our products listed below available in Red, White and Blue.


Alice Band: These are made with a plastic hard headband that are covered in soft cotton fabric.

Alice Band and Knot Bow Bobble/Classic Bow Clips Set: These are available in 2 set options: 2 Classic Bow Clips, or 2 Knot Bow Bobbles.

Classic Bow Headbands: Made from a plastic hard alice band that is covered in soft jersey cotton fabric, then embellished with a 3-inch classic bow. They are one size, but we recommend that the fit is suitable for ages 2-8.

Classic Bow Clip: These are our most popular product, the 3-inch Classic Bow Clip, priced and sold individually, attached to a silver prong clip.

Dainty Hand-Tied Clip: These beautiful Clips are made by delicately tying the fabric into a perfect bow and then mounting it onto a silver prong clip.

Holly Bow: One of our favourites! These Bows are a large 4.5inch Bow attached to a silver Prong Clip.

Knot Bow Bobbles: Handmade Knot Bow attached to a black nylon bobble.

Knot Bow Headband: A plastic hard alice band that are covered in jersey fabric, then embellished with a Knot Bow. They are one size, suitable for adults but will also fit nicely from ages 5+.

Knot Bow Scrunchie: A handmade Knot Bow, tied and attached to an elasticated scrunchie.

Nylon Headbands: The headband is made from nylon, which is incredibly soft and stretchy, this makes them sit perfectly on your little one’s heads, even new-born’s, with a Dainty Hand-Tied Bow attached.

Scrunchie: Elasticated and handmade with a soft jersey cotton.

Top Knot Headband: These are a plastic hard alice band covered in soft cotton, jersey or viscose fabric which is knotted on top. The fabric is sewn and then adhered to the bands with fabric glue and finished to a high standard to ensure maximum comfort. They are one size, suitable for adults but will also fit nicely from ages 5+.


Please note that although we try to capture the true colours of the fabric in our photos, sometimes there are very slight differences to the products colour in natural light.


* All Little Dots Bows products must be worn under the supervision of an adult. Do not leave a child unattended wearing hair accessories. Some bows contain small parts which may come loose if they are pulled. Do not let your child sleep in any Little Dots Bows products both indoors and in a car seat.


  • Classic Bow Prong Clips, Dainty Hand-Tied Clips and Holly Bows are not suitable for washing. If the clip gets wet at any point, ensure they are dried thoroughly to avoid it rusting. Wipe clean only.

    Alice Bands, Classic Bow Headbands, Knot Bow Headband and Top Knot Headbands are not suitable for washing. Wipe clean only.

    Knot Bow Bobbles, Knot Bow Scrunchies, Nylon Headbands and Scruchies can be washed on a low temperature wash; however, it is not recommended as it may adjust the shape of the fabric. It would be more advisable to sponge wash or hand wash.

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