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Lanyards and Wristlets

Brand New Product! 

Please see a selection of what we currently have available below.

All our products are handmade and we offer the option to make a custom order too.

Please message me via the 'Contact Page'


Do you need to upgrade your “staff” lanyard? Look no further than these stylish and comfortable lanyards- all handmade. 
They’re soft around the neck and very comfortable to wear. 
You can connect your cards to the lanyard via the silver clip. 

Black Spring Floral Lanyard_edited.jpg


Wristlets are handmade using cotton fabric and a perfect addition to a set of keys, because you can then hang your keys round your wrist!

If you lose your keys as much as I do, you’ll find this product very handy! 

You can also use the wristlets as bag or luggage charms.

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