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Christmas Presents
at Little Dots Bows
We are now in the Christmas Spirit here at Little Dots Bows and we are delighted to bring
you a selection of festive fabrics for you to enjoy this Christmas.

Our New Website is here!

Little Dots Bows are excited to announce a new look to our website!
Here are a selection of our beautiful hand made products.
To view our whole collection, view our Shop our Products page.

Royal Blue, Navy and Purple
Pink Dash Snap Clip
Periodic Tabel, World Map and Musical Notes Knot Bow Bobble
Mini Classic Bow Blush Pastel Baby Headb
Rainbow Stripe Scrunchie
Dusky Pink Knot Bow Scrunchie 2
Red Flurry Spot Holly Bow 1
Mini Leopard Dainty Hand Tied Bow Baby Headband
Emerald Classic Bow Headband 1
Taupe Polka Dot Classic Bow Snap Clip 2
Mini Mustard Leopard Knot Bow Bobble
Mini Khaki Leopard Scrunchie
Spring Dainty Hand Tied Bow Baby Headbands
Navy Grey Unicorn Knot Bow Elasticated Headband
Mini Khaki Leopard Holly Bow
Mixed Bow Baby Headbands
Classic Bow Prong Clips
Red Flurry Spot Knot Bow Bobble
Pink Dash Knot Bow Scrunchie
Mustard Floral Holly Bow
Mixed Rainbow Stripe Bow Baby Headbands
As it’s just little old me handmaking every item, it’s taking a little time to get all of the product photos complete.
Bear with me - I’m working hard in the background.
Love Rachel, Bow Maker and owner of
Little Dots Bows.

Handmade Bows and Accessories
for your little dots!

Every item in our store here at Little Dots Bows
is exclusively handmade with love and care, to match the love and care that you show your children.

We hope that we can provide the most beautiful hair pieces and accessories to add that special touch to any outfit.

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